Upgrading Yasan’s Waste Water Refinery

Due to the importance of waste management in order to preserve the environment, Yasan Company has made significant investments in this regard. One of these cases is the industrial waste treatment plant from galvanized products, which has been put into operation according to international standards under the supervision of the Environment Organization of Markazi Province. In this process, contaminated water is completely neutralized and used for irrigation of 1.5 hectares of green space. At the moment, with the increase of production capacity, the amount of this waste has naturally increased, and for this reason, Yasan Company is launching a new treatment plant with more capacity, which has been designed according to the latest environmental method.

Yasan Company has been complied with environmental preservation rules since 2003 by obtaining ISO 14001 certification, and the company’s vision is to achieve green production that causes the least damage to the environment.

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